Folie de Pierre 0%


A ‘Bling'n Chic’ non-alcoholic sparkling wine
with 24 carat gold flakes

With its delicate, elegant bubbles and bold, daring style, Folie de Pierre combines luxury with a touch of quirkiness to bring you the ultimate in refinement. This delicate and luxurious sparkling beverage will leave you spellbound thanks to its shimmering flakes of gold that dance amongst the bubbles.

The epitome of elegance, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine is made from the Chardonnay varietal and a light dusting of 24 carat gold extracts, each flake of which is placed in the bottle by hand. Its oaky and intensely aromatic style combines fruity and floral notes with a touch of vanilla and hazelnut. The fresh palate reveals an attractive bitterness, reminiscent of the Champagne style.

Folie de Pierre reflects the very best of French elegance with its luxury bottle design complete with a golden-coloured pewter label depicting a mill, the brand’s symbol and the emblem of Parisian opulence. With its elegant style and exceptional balance, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine creates a true symphony for the senses and offers a stylish alternative for those who do not drink alcohol.

Halal certified Not only do its delicate gold flakes contrast with the bubbles and make it a highly coveted object, they are also widely reputed for their numerous health benefits. Since the beginning of time, from the Egyptian era up until the present day, this precious metal has been renowned for giving radiance and beauty.

Folie de Pierre, the ‘Bling'n Chic’ non-alcoholic sparkling wine with 24 carat gold flakes, is an innovative addition to the wine market and the guarantee of unique and memorable occasion. There is still the beautiful ‘popping’ sound of the cork, a sign of perfectly integrated bubbles and the beginning of a unique experience where luxury meets celebration against the glittering backdrop of a constellation of golden flakes.

Folie de Pierre really is an experience like no other and ideal for the most memorable occasions. It creates a chic and elegant atmosphere and is best served in surroundings with dimmed lighting in order to enhance the glow of its shimmering gold flakes. Allow yourself to get lost in a dream, soak up the magic and imagine that you are the only person in the world…

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